Welcome to Miami Beach Pilates Studio, a classical private Pilates studio dedicated to teaching the original method with Gratz & Pilates Designs Apparatus. This special handmade apparatus closely follows the measurements and tensions of Joseph Pilates' inventions and intensifies the work in your body as you learn and practice the method. 

The studio is located in the 41st Street Shopping District on Miami Beach, just beside Yoga That, inside the Van Cleef Building. Metered parking lot is behind Wells Fargo Bank at 41st & Chase Avenue, free after 6pm.


Pilates is a wonderfully efficient workout that facilitates strength, flexibility, and ideal posture.  The apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented brilliantly challenges your body while keeping it in it’s best alignment.

The reformer works with springs and a moving carriage to create different levels of resistance for each movement. The cadillac provides more stability to learn some of the Pilates mat work on a raised bed aided/challenged by springs and bars. The barrels help to open up the middle back and the hips where we are usually the tightest from sitting in a chair throughout the day. The chairs challenge our balance in some of the more advanced work and help improve our knee and foot alignment on a more basic level. Throughout each private Pilates session, you will experience the various apparatus for a well-rounded workout.

One of the first concepts we teach a Pilates student is to initiate each movement from the "powerhouse" which is comprised of the abdominals, back muscles, and buttock muscles. Learning to work from the "powerhouse" will carry through to your everyday life which requires lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, and maintaining upright posture without straining the back.

One of the many great things about the Pilates workout is that it's great for everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability, or injury. With hundreds of exercises that progress from beginner to advanced, Pilates will continuously challenge your mind and body. 

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