Rachel first discovered Pilates apparatus in 2005 at Temple University in Philadelphia where private lessons were a part of the dance department curriculum under David Seth Fink and Jennifer Morley.  After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in modern dance, Rachel decided to pursue a career in teaching Pilates since it played such a great role in her own physical development.  She has a mat certification through Power Pilates in Philadelphia, and a comprehensive certification through the Physicalmind Institute in Miami and has attended workshops through Polestar and Equinox.

After teaching and practicing on various brands of Pilates apparatus for several years and learning from different schools who all claim to teach the method it became clear that not all Pilates instruction or apparatus creates the same effect. She began searching for a deeper understanding of Joseph Pilates' original method and apparatus.  Rachel is currently apprenticing at The New York Pilates Studio studying with Sean Gallagher PT, a second generation teacher and owner of the Pilates archives,  and is honored to be learning the roots of this fascinating method.